Saturday, November 2, 2013

I’m Sorry But…


…this might be the funniest video ever.

Denver-Nuggets-logo-marijuana-BxPZ rocky-mascot

Don’t judge me.

For All The CALVIN & HOBBES Fans Out There…


…you’ll love the video below:


And Just So You Know…



FACT #1:  Chuck Norris lost a fight to Bruce Lee.

FACT #2:  Sam Elliott never lost a fight to Bruce Lee.

FACT #3:  Sam Elliott’s Moustache would make Bruce Lee cross the street if Bruce Lee saw it walking towards him on the street.

FACT #4:  A platypus can store food it collects in cheek pouches to consume on land. They do not have teeth so they use bits of gravel to help them crush their food.

Thus…applying a cross-section of principles involving logic, philosophy, reason and faith…taking into consideration the first three facts…and throwing out the fourth fact because it doesn’t have a damn thing to do with what we’re talking about…we can only come to one conclusion:

Sam Elliott’s Moustache is the deadliest living thing on this or any other planet.

Friday, November 1, 2013

A “COW” IN JAVITS CENTER: NYCC-2013 / BLEEDING COOL / …BCMD! (…And Why I Could Really, Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Really Use Your Help!)


I’ve been a bastard child of pop culture my entre life; from the first Whitman comic book three-pack Erna bought me at Woolworth’s to playing Queen’s theme to FLASH GORDON  until the needle wore down; from the humiliation of Milli Vanilli giving back their Grammys to playing “Nevermind” until the pain stopped; from wracking my brain trying to figure out who killed Laura Palmer and believing that “the truth was out there,” to all the ways Bruce Willis’ “David Addison” taught me how a man was supposed to carry himself.  With that, it’s always been my dream to share my views and perspective on anything and everything that goes “pop” with people who would be interested in reading what I have to say…and someone would think it was good enough to post on their site.

This year? I got that chance…

I was lucky and honored to have had the opportunity to report on New York Comic Con 2013 for Bleeding Cool, a highly popular news/opinion blogsite covering the comics industry, television, movies, etc. It was an amazing experience that gave me a unique perspective on how conventions run from “The Other Side” as well as begin building upon the …BECAUSE COWS MAKE DELICIOUS! (…BCMD!) brand. Fingers, toes and additional body parts crossed…I’m hoping to have the chance to report from San Diego next summer.


Please take some time to click on the pics below to go directly to my article: leave a comment on the Bleeding Cool website; share the article on Facebook and/or Twitter; leave a comment here on my blog post; share my blog on Facebook and/or Twitter; or any other way you could help get my writing out there to the masses. And trust me: any advice or suggestions you might have (DON’T BE D-BAGS, THOUGH!) would be greatly appreciated.


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