Tuesday, November 25, 2008

THINGS I'LL MISS: Opus (2003-2008)

(c) Berkeley Breathed

I was ALWAYS a huge "Calvin and Hobbes" fan, but nothing could touch "Bloom County." At least there was "Outland"and then "Opus," but it looks like that's coming to an end.

Any TV show, movie series, book series, etc., out there that you miss? Send me a comment and let me know...


So What The Hell Are YOU Listening To?

Okay, maybe I'm no Casey Kasem* but I think my musical tastes have gotten better with age so for what it's worth here are a couple of songs getting serious rotation on my iPod"

The song BLEEDS sex throughout...and that's a good thing!

When you read-up on what this guy's been through, it gives the song a greater depth.

FINALLY! A song where the GUY gets to tell the GIRL how much better he's doing without her and how much she should miss him! Now THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is change we can believe in...

...and I want to take a second and give special props to DJ PHNX, a friend and colleague of mine who does some AWESOME DJ'ing work for events and has put together a sweet website.  Take a look at it here.

So as the title of this post reads...SO WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO?  Post a comment and make some recommendations for the rest of us.


*For those of you from "The Ryan Seacrest Generation," you can find out all about Casey Kasem here.  ZOINKS!!! SCOOB!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

So What The Hell Is THIS All About?!?

You might be asking yourself, "Ray, why do I need to make '...BECAUSE COWS MAKE DELICIOUS!!!' such an important part of my life?  What makes your blog different from everyone else's?"

A couple of things to consider...

(1)  Why are you talking to yourself so much, and why is one of the voices in your head named, "Ray"?

(2)  Have you ever been annoyed watching some "talking head" on TV or reading their posts online and thought that you knew more than they did? Well, at "...BECAUSE COWS MAKE DELICIOUS!!!" you can be assured of that because I am a man of many opinions yet little fact.

Did you know that four Presidents of the United States of America had prosthetic hands?

No...not really...but do you see my point? I'm more than willing to make up facts to suit my argument.  Now isn't that level of openness and honesty refreshing?

(3)  No topics will be off-limits, though may be subject to my overall level of interest.  Religion, food, sex, race, pop culture...ALL fair game!

(4)  If you hate Bjork as much as I may just want to set this as your home page.

(5)  I will try my best not to insult you...but I can make no promises.

So that's what I'm shooting for: a site where I can spew my venom to anyone interested in reading what I have to write and (hopefully) posting a response.  I promise to keep the updates pretty regular...all I'm asking is that you give it a chance.  Because with your faith and commitment, there's no reason that "...BECAUSE COWS MAKE DELICIOUS!!!" couldn't be a HUGE success!*

*...and by "huge success" I mean so big that I can sell it to Google or Microsoft at a disgustingly huge mark-up and spend the rest of my days on a beach with a Kamikaze in one hand and a stack of the week's newest comic books in the other. Ahhhh, a man can dream...